9 hole Par 3 Course
Test your skills. Push your limits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow the game of golf by offering a unique and affordable golf experience that caters to players of all skill levels. We aim to provide a welcoming environment where players can enjoy the game of golf. Through our quality service and commitment to excellence, we strive to be the top destination for people to learn the game of golf. Also, to have the top junior program in Qatar by working with schools and close communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a well-manicured par 3 course that offers a welcoming environment to improve their skills, connect with other players, and enjoy the game. We want to build a community that loves the game of golf, improve their game, and connect with other. By working with close societies, we will strive to be a trusted destination for juniors to learn the game of golf.

Our Core


In all aspects of operations from costumer service to course maintenance.


We are committed to building a community among our members and guests that will foster a friendly atmosphere where players can connect, socialize and forge lasting friendships.

Environment Stewardship

We are committed to preserve and protect the natural beauty of our golf course and its surrounding. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through sustainable practices and responsible resource management.